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May 29, 2016
Institutionals / News
:: June 6, 2009
The II Day of the “Entrepreneurs of Ideas” took place in Buenos Aires. On this occasion all collaborators of CADAL are called together with the objective to realize an evaluation of the activities of the past three months and to draft the plan for the following months. Furthermore, the diffusion and participation regarding the events as well as the activities targeted at university students were precisely analyzed.
:: June 2, 2009
The 20th issue of Perspectiva magazine is already available with a dossier dedicated to "Latin American foreign policy in the current world (dis)order", analyzing the challenges and alternatives of foreign policy in our region. This edition of Perspectiva also includes articles on the constitutional referendum in Bolivia, the World Economic Forum and the World Social Forum, ten years of Chavez in Venezuela, and a review of Carlos Sabino's book "Todos nos equivocamos".
:: May 25, 2009
Invited by the headquarters in Viña del Mar of Universidad Adolfo Ibañez from Chile, Gabriel Salvia, Chairman of CADAL, gave a presentation on "Latin America and the International Promotion of Human Rights". Among the participants were Ricardo Lagos Weber, Vicepresident of Partido Por la Democracia and Senator candidate; Rodrigo Correa, Dean of the Law College; Eugenio Rengifo, Assistant Professor of the School of Government; and Gonzalo Bustamante Kuschel, Professor of the School of Government and member of CADAL's Academic Council.
:: May 6, 2009
Invited by FUNDACOR, Gabriel Salvia, CADAL's Chairman, gave a presentation on "Political modernization, institutional quality and democratic strengthening" at Ducal hotel in Cordoba city, Argentina. The event was moderated by Jessica Valentini, former Obudsman of Córdoba. During his presentation, Salvia analyzed the party institutional quality 25 years after the return of democracy in Argentina; unique ballot, "small tables" and simoultaneous open primaries; the advancement of legislative elections and testimony candidates; the subversion of the legislative process in Argentina and the current division of waters in Argentine politics.
:: April 21, 2009
Adrián Lucardi, Associated Researcher at CADAL, presented a request of access to information before the Federal Administration of Social Security (ANSeS). The request refers to the decree 1172/2003 of access to public information, that obligues those entities operating under jurisdiction of the Federal Executive Branch to give information to any person who requires it.
:: April 7, 2009
The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) with the support of Instituto Millenium from Brazil published the Portuguese version of 2008 edition of the research report Democracy, Market and Transparency. Instituto Millenium is a think tank of research, diffusion and training on public affairs of government, politics, economics, society and culture, promoting values and principles of a free society.
:: March 19, 2009
Puente Democrático is a project of the Area of International Promotion of Human Rightsof the Center for the Opening and Development of America Latina (CADAL), with the objective of cooperating in actions of international solidarity in order to support the efforts of democrats who live in countries ruled by dictatorships and advocatefor the implementation of a foreign policy committed with Human Rights within Latin American nations.
:: March 13, 2009
The edition 19 of Perspectiva: Revista Latinoamericana de Política, Economía y Sociedad, is now available. This issue includes a Dossier dedicated to the international crisis, posing the following question: Market or Government's fault? It includes articles by Daniel Niño, Cristián Larroulet, Isaac Katz, Guillermo Perry and John Bennett, among others.
:: February 28, 2009
The I Day of "Ideas Entrepreneurs" took place in Buenos Aires. In this day, CADAL gathers her authorities, staff members, researchers, advisers, voluntaries and interns, with the objective that all her members be informed on the different activities taking place, present a balance of the most recent period and exchange ideas on future plans.
:: February 26, 2009
At the end of Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires with political scientist Carlos Gervasoni as guest speaker, CADAL celebrated with a cocktail her sixth anniversary at Regal Pacific Hotel.
:: February 12, 2009
With the support of Plataforma Democrática, a network where CADAL is member, the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy just presented her conclusions. Created by former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil), César Gavíria (Colombia) and Ernesto Zedillo (Mexico) and formed by 17 independent figures, the Commission has evaluated the limits and undesirable effects of repressive policies of "war against drugs" applied in Latin America.
:: January 29, 2009
Since on Februrary 5, 2009 the Universal Periodic Review of Cuba will take place at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) addressed the Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, member countries of the Council.
:: December 19, 2008
The main objective of the Business Council will be to serve as a link between CADAL and the business sector while at the same time feed the organization identifying the most worrying matters of the national realities to submit them to objective analysis and research. In turn this will help to form civic conscience that can then be turned into concrete actions of government, legislators, judges, citizens and businessmen. The new Director of CADAL's Business Council is an associate of Southern Cross and holds an Industrial Engineer degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA).