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Sybil Rhodes
Sybil Rhodes

Vicepresidente y Directora del Consejo Académico del Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de America Latina

Sybil Rhodes es Directora de la Maestría en Estudios Internacionales (UCEMA) y Vicepresidente del Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de América Latina (CADAL). Tiene un Ph.D. y M.A. en Ciencia Política (Stanford University). Lic. en Estudios Latinoamericanos (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Es especialista en relaciones internacionales y política comparada.

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Fecha: 10/4/2017
Categoría: Articles
Publicado en: Puente Democrático
(Latin America Goes Global) Unlike their Latin American counterparts, Cubans face unique challenges traveling and emigrating within Latin America. And that doesn’t include the trouble leaving the island.

Fecha: 21/2/2017
Categoría: Articles
Publicado en: Análisis Latino
(Latin America Goes Global) If Argentina were to help foment a global trend in xenophobia it would be worrisome, and surprising. The country has one of the most open migration regimes in the world.

Fecha: 18/2/2017
Categoría: Articles
Publicado en: CADAL
(Perfil/Buenos Aires, Argentina) The message I heard in Montreal was dire, both for the liberal values Cadal embodies and for the ability of think tanks and other civil society organizations to have any sort of effect on the world. However, I thought of reasons for optimism about Cadal´s ability to do good work even in the current difficult context.