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International Internships

Alexander Doler (Estados Unidos); Ainara Gómez (España);Hendrika Langelüddecke (Alemania); Caterina Luise (Italia) y Léo Moreau (Francia).



The objective of this program is to give young people of the world, interested in Latin America, the chance to know the work of a think tank that deals with the defense and promotion of democratic values; to analyze and monitor political, economic and institutional performance; and to design public policies that contribute to good government and people’s wellbeing.

During the internship, participants will work on some of the following tasks:

-Assist in the organization of training activities at the Latin American School of Political and Economic Studies (ELEPE) and at the Václav Havel Institute.

-Assist in the organization of Latin Forums.

-Assist in the area of institutional communications.

-Assist in research activities.

-Assist in research and publication of the content of the Observatorio de Relaciones Internacionales y Derechos Humanos and the Human Rights section of the information webpage Análisis Latino.

-Assist in research and publication of content for the project Transformar Argentina.

- Assist in the political incidence and support of democratic actors in closed societies or countries with profound backwardness in Human Rights. 

- Assist in institutional communications with politics, foreign diplomats, journalists, scholars, entrepreneurs, related organizations, young people and CADAL subscribers.


The length of the internship will be of a minimum of two consecutive months. CADAL does not have any pre-established dates for internships yet, so the exact dates will have to be agreed upon with at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the internship.


In order to apply for an internship at CADAL, send the following information to

-A letter expressing your interest in doing the internship at CADAL and the possible dates for the internship (in Spanish).

-Complete and updated Curriculum Vitae with a recent picture (English or Spanish).

-An essay explaining why you chose CADAL, and what you are expecting from your internship at the organization, how you think this internship will help with your professional future, and your opinion on the activities and work of CADAL (In Spanish).

-A letter of recommendation from a professor at a University, a manager of a Civil Society Organization or a public officer (English or Spanish).


Complete all the Application requirements.

Be fluent in Spanish.

Show knowledge of CADAL’s activities visiting its websites.

Interview via Skype with one of CADAL’s directors.


The intern must comply with the minimal shift of six daily hours from Monday to Friday, and attend all the events and training activities organized by CADAL.

The intern must bring a personal computer (Notebook/Netbook) to use a wi-fi connection in the office.

CADAL does not accept any responsibility for expenditures that may result from accidents and/or sickness during the internship. So, the intern must have his/her proper insurance.

CADAL commits itself to assist the intern in matters related to his/her work during the internship, but it will not cover expenses related to lodging, transport or food, so the intern must have the money or credit necessary to pay for those living costs.


Once the application is accepted for the internship, CADAL will send the intern a brief text with recommendations and uses related to life in Argentina, such as security, food, weather and work concerns.

CADAL does not arrange visa processes. Those accepted for the internship will receive an official letter of invitation that will be of help in such procedures.

CADAL also commits itself to give the intern a friendly work environment and give his/her the same treatment and conveniences as the rest of the people working at CADAL.

At the same time, it is expected that the intern takes part in most, if not all, of the activities organized by CADAL; not only by helping in the organization but also as part of the audience, in order to get to learn more about Latin America and the work of our organization.



Greg Ross

"My internship with CADAL was a formative experience, while I started with some uncertainty, for the end of the internship I left with a renewed confidence in continuing a career in international relations, something I appreciate is the independence granted to each intern and the opportunity to pursue my own projects with the support of everyone in CADAL A variety of conferences, experiences and research also exposed me to the important work that CADAL does every day, above all, the opportunity to meet activists from all over the world dedicated to the human rights field The challenge I now take with me is to look beyond the borders of my own country, develop an international perspective and build the links that can address the problems that affect everyone."
Greg Ross (United States)


Florie Postis

“Doing an internship in CADAL was an enlightening experience in every way. During these two months, I learned a lot about the human rights situation in many parts of the world, by helping write different articles and reports. I also participated in the conferences done during this period, which allowed me to get to know interesting people committed to the defense of human rights, while at the same time learn about Argentina, its history, culture and politics. Besides, the CADAL team offered a great experience and always treated me as a member of the organization. I thank the whole CADAL team and wish them luck for the future. I hope we see each other soon.”
Florie Postis (France)


Eric Cuevas

"I could not have had a better experience as an international intern in CADAL.The projects I did not only allowed me to deepen my knowledge of human rights, but also expanded this knowledge, since I had the opportunity to study the situation of these issues in various In addition to that, something that I appreciated a lot was that I had a high level of autonomy in the development of my tasks without ever feeling a lack of support from the CADAL team, it was this support from the team that impressed me more than My internship From the first day I felt integrated to the team, participating in all the activities of the organization, feeling the freedom to talk about its operation and forming sincere professional and personal relationships"
Eric Cuevas (United States)


Justine Vieira

“I want to thank CADAL for having welcomed me for four months and offered my first professional experience, in a stimulating intercultural environment.  CADAL thoroughly initiated me in the working of an NGO, and I was lucky enough to attend events, such as conferences and seminars, which were always attractive and relevant. But most of all, it allowed me to get to know personalities committed to human rights protection, with outstanding and inspiring.” personal careers.”
Justine Vieira (France)


Lusia Habbel

“My internship at CADAL offered me a first hand experience on the workings of an NGO, getting to know the processes they carry on: organizing events and publications and the communication of research. But not only did I learn that at CADAL, but it also offered me a more detailed view about other countries and how the respect (or not) human rights. Living in Buenos Aires I got to know a city and its history and Gabriel and Hernan were always willing to answer my questions and help in every way possible. It was a truly enriching experience. Thank you Gabriel and Hernán for letting me help at CADAL!”

Luisa Habbel (Germany)


Dorra Refaif

My experience as an intern at CADAL was not only very enriching intellectually but also a real pleasure. CADAL’s team is always willing to answer to any doubt or question I had, be it work related or on Argentine politics, economics, or culture.
Gabriel and Hernán always worried about my wellbeing in the organization and assured that I would be in charge of those activities that interested me most. Making at internship at CADAL was a real charm: during those two months I learned a lot on the human rights situation but also on the political context of Latin America. Always thrilling, events organized or sponsored by CADAL are an opportunity to open a window on the Latin American continent and have a better understanding of the importance of cherishing and promoting human rights. The only think I could really criticize of my internship is that it was too short for me. Besides the academic opportunity, an internship at CADAL is a humane experience in every sense that makes you want to keep collaborating and related to them. They made me feel one more team member absolutely integrated with the team and more than that, I really appreciate it.” 
Dorra Refaif (Morocco)


Patrizia Castrogiovanni

“The opportunity offered to my by the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America – CADAL, as a foreign intern, was an enriching experience, since it strengthened my democratic values and those of freedom and human Rights. I could establish relations with other cultures and it broadened my knowledges thanks to the participation in the activities organized by CADAL. I am thankful to Gabriel Salvia and Hernán Alberro for their help, teachings and experiences shared, and I invite other interested from any country to venture to be part of the CADAL family”.
Patrizia Castrogiovanni (Venezuela)


Stéphanie Scherrer

“I wanted to thank the CADAL team for the three months I spent there as an intern. It was a great opportunity and a very positive experience that allowed me to, on the one hand, learn more on the history, institutions and challenges of democracy in Argentina and on the other hand, the Cuban case. I also got in touch with journalists, diplomats, university professors during the events at CADAL’s office. Thank you very much Hernán and Gabriel for your trust and kindness. It was a real pleasure working with you!!”
Stéphanie Scherrer (Suiza)