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Agreement with Transparencia Electoral
August 1st, 2016
The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) signed an agreement of mutual cooperation in the field of scientific research, technical assistance and human resources training with the NGO Transparencia Electoral (TE) .

CADAL and TE mutually agreed to adopt programs of cooperation and coordination for the joint implementation of research projects, academic and cultural areas of mutual interest such as training and human resource development, and exchange of scientific and technical information.

The agreement provides for the possibility of entering into specific agreements which allows both parties to: (I) Act on the advice of the other party, at the other’s request, with respect to problems related to its competency. (II ) set up programs for volunteering, internships or research scholarships to enable trainees acquire professional field experience in different areas to complement the academic or vocational training they receive. (III) Contribute to training, capacity-building and development of professionals that the other party sends. (IV) To collaborate in teaching disciplines of its competency. (V) Enable the exchange of scientific,teaching and technical staff individually or as teams. (VI) Facilitate the smooth exchange of scientific and technological information and the benefitting from expert visits and courses. (VII) Develop academic programs for training human resources. (VIII) Organize joint outreach and cultural activities as well as meetings, congresses and scientific conferences. (IX) Carry out joint scientific publications or publicities of common academic interest to both institutions.

Gabriel C. Salvia y Leando Querido - Convenio con Transparencia Electoral

The agreement was signed by Gabriel Salvia, Chairman of CADAL, and Leandro Querido, Director of Transparencia Electoral.