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Meeting of the Executive Committee of CADAL
November 12, 2016

At the meeting the leading officials of the institution were present as well as members of staff, consultants, volunteers and interns.

Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo de CADALThe topics of this meeting included the presentation of upcoming events, the current state of ongoing projects and the celebration of CADAL's 14th anniversary.


Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo de CADALFurthermore, Sybil Rhodes, Hérnan Alberro and Gabriel Salvia talked about the events at which they participated. Rhodes attended the III Global of Think Tank Summit in Montreal, Canada; Alberro to the 4th Meeting of Latin-American Think Tanks in Mexico City; and Salvia to the Twentieth Forum 2000 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.


Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo de CADALHernán Alberro, Programs Director; Sergio Casais, Webmaster; Horacio Fernández and José Montaldo, Business Consultants; Ludmila González Cerulli, Assistant Researcher; Eric Grosembacher, Volunteer; Bernabé García Hamilton, Secretary; Marisa Di Vitto, Finance and Administration Director; Ezequiel Podjarny, Volunteer; Sybil Rhodes, Vice-President; Matthias Peschke, Intern; Gabriel Salvia, President; and Tristán Rodríguez Loredo, Pro-treasurer.