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Virtual conference: Latin America before the Renewal of the UN HRC
15 de julio de 2020
The meeting held by CADAL had the participation of: Brian Schapira (Argentina), Demetrio Magnoli (Brazil), Manuel Cuesta Morúa (Cuba), José Antonio Viera-Gallo (Chile), Alejandro Anaya Muñoz (Mexico), Marisol Pérez Tello (Peru), Pablo Iturralde (Uruguay) and Rafael Uzcátegui (Venezuela). The moderation was in charge of María Victoria Maineri, Coordinator of Institutional Relations at CADAL. Next October, the UN General Assembly will vote on the renewal of one third of the members of the Human Rights Council. The Latin American and Caribbean Group has 8 seats, and will renew 3 of them. Cuba announced its candidacy, and is going for its fifth term. Will Chile, Peru and Mexico stand for re-election? Will other candidates emerge? What will the position of the regional countries be?