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Our vision is to see Latin America become a region characterized by democracies with high-quality institutions, open borders and economies, social inclusiveness, and international leadership in the defense of human rights.
March 3, 2018
This initiative is part of the Music Freedom Day in order to celebrate the human right to freedom of musical expression. Since its inception in 2007, this celebration has been held in more than 30 countries. This year will count on, as it always has, the participation of artists and organizations from around the world to come together to defend artistic freedom.
Gabriel C. Salvia
Sybil Rhodes
Bernabé García Hamilton
Tristán Rodríguez Loredo
Hernán Alberro
Marisa Di Vitto
Juan Pablo Cardenal
Carlos Fara
José Montaldo
Sergio Casais
Diana Arévalo
Valentina D´Andria
Reporte Anual 2016
International Internships