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Measuring the Impact of Misinformation, Disinformation, and Propaganda in Latin America

Chinese-style democracy

Chinese-style democracy

The preliminary findings of a study of disinformation and propaganda in the Spanish-language outlets of Chinese state media, currently being undertaken by Global Americans and CADAL, shed light on how China takes advantage of the development of its COVID-19 vaccine and its perceived economic success. These advances fuel the narrative of China as an emergent scientific and technological power and present China’s autocratic system as a suitable development model for the developing world.
By Juan Pablo Cardenal

Chinese-style Democracy

In a context of a general lack of knowledge about China in Latin America, it is not only that there is no such thing as a Chinese-style democracy; it is that it is a mistake to believe that the Chinese model is better just because it may be more effective. Democratic systems are neither infallible nor perfect because they’re based on freedom, checks and balances, rule of law, participation, transparency and human rights. And China's effectiveness stems precisely from the absence of all these attributes.

The art of making friends. How the Chinese Communist Party seduces political parties in Latin America

China pursuing its interests amid the Covid-19 pandemic

China pursuing its interests amid the Covid-19 pandemic

CADAL and Forum 2000 carried out a webinar on the role of China in the framework of the health and economic crisis. The exchange was made through Zoom and counted with the presentations of specialists from CADAL, Civic IDEA and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. People from Latin America and Europe participated as listeners and there was a live broadcast via social networks.

Chinese propaganda for a post-Covid-10 scenario


The «Sharp Power» of China

With the presence of the author, the Spanish journalist and writer Juan Pablo Cardenal, CADAL presented at its headquarters the book El 'poder incisivo' de China en América Latina y el caso argentino, with remarks by Marcelo López Masía and Sybil Rhodes.

«Sharp Power»: Rising Authoritarian Influence

CADAL associated researcher, Juan Pablo Cardenal, took part in the presentation in Washington of the publication «Sharp Power»: Rising Authoritarian Influence.

A Too Big Reward for China

The perception that China rewards loyalty is wrong. Not only is it doubtful that kowtowing to China will bring short-term benefits but, on the contrary, it is rather quite possible that we’ll end up paying a high price for such policy in the future. If today’s decisions are shaping our future, then granting China with market economy status will surely be a nail in the coffin for Argentina.

China - The New Global Player

With the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, CADAL organized a seminar on the internationalization of China. The event was lectured by Juan Pablo Cardenal and took place at the Escuela de Negocios de La Universidad de Montevideo.

China, the new global player

With the participation of Spanish journalist Juan Pablo Cardenal, a 6-hour-seminar on the internationalization of China was held at the headquarters of CADAL. The subjects analyzed were: Exploitation of natural resources, business success of the Chinese communities abroad, China's contribution to development, the arrival of China to global markets, and the Western claudication on the topic of human rights. The activity was sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.