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  • Hauke Hartmann presents the Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2020
  • Freedom of Association in Human Rights Activism and Press Freedom
  • Challenges faced by human rights activism in Latin America
  • Goodbye Lenin 2019 Program
Recognized every September 15, International Day of Democracy is promoted by the United Nations to raise global awareness of democratic principles. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored both the fragility and importance of democratic institutions in addressing the economic, political, and public health crises facing much of the world.
By Greg Ross
September 17, 2020
María Victoria Maineri
Nicolás Gimbatti
Stephanía Román
Paula Loreti
Melina López
Sergio Casais
Juan Pablo Cardenal
Cecilia Noce
Roxana Perel
Greg Ross
Dorothea Krueger
Victoria Ariagno
Alejandro Di Franco
Catalina Mastroizzi
Flavio Cancemi
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