Human Rights and
International Democratic Solidarity


The Sinic Analysis
China deploys its economic power throughout the world and provides recipient countries with investment, loans, infrastructure and opportunities. The link with Latin America and other regions is not only economic, but also reaches other spheres such as academics, politics and the media. With its presence, Beijing exerts its influence across the globe.
Promotion of the Political Opening in Cuba
This project aims to carry out regional and international advocacy actions in favor of political pluralism, with special emphasis on the recognition and support of Cuban democratic colleagues. Cuba is central to CADAL. The more than six decades of existence of a single party regime in power and the criminalization of the exercise of fundamental freedoms make it a very important chapter within our organization.
International Relations and Human Rights Observatory
We analyze foreign policy on human rights and the commitment to the universal UN system and raise awareness of the situation in countries and territories where civil and political liberties are severely repressed and where democratic institutions are deeply deteriorated. We promote the globalization of democracy as a universal right and promotion of world peace.
Václav Havel Institute
This initiative aims to keep alive the legacy of the first president of the Czech Republic regarding the promotion of Human Rights, international democratic solidarity and the Memory of the totalitarianisms of the 20th. century.
Democratic Governance Watch
Within this project, we analyzed the political, economic and institutional performance of Latin America and other developing countries. To this objetive, we prepare publications and multimedia content, we organize events and formulate public policy proposals.
Defense and promotion of democratic institutions in Argentina
This initiative focuses on institutional quality in general, with special emphasis on the situation of the independence of powers, and in particular judicial independence; the general situation of Civil and Political Rights; publicity of the legislative process; and the situation in the Provinces with autocratic features.
Latin Analysis
This CADAL initiative offers multimedia publications and content on politics, economics, human rights and culture in Latin America. (in spanish)
Defense of the Freedom of Artistic Expression
The exercise of freedom of artistic expression in Latin America continues to have a high cost for those who dare to defend it in flawed democracies and, even higher costs, in authoritarian contexts. For CADAL, cultural manifestations function as a thermometer of the democratic health of our countries.
North Korea under the microscope
Nuclear threats, missile tests, restrictions on the entry of foreigners and the movement of people, human rights violations, the chronic lack of information, food and health crises, and uncertainty about Kim Jong Un’s health and the continuity of leadership are usual issues when we talk about North Korea.
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