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Defense and promotion of democratic institutions in Argentina

Monitoring of civil and political liberties and Memory policy.

Participation in the Civil Society Consultation organized by the EU

Participation in the Civil Society Consultation organized by the EU

For the European Union, civil society is a key player, especially when it comes to issues that directly affect their existence, well-being, and development, which is the case with human rights. Therefore, the EU always organizes a meeting with civil society representatives prior to the official reunion with government representatives. Especially civil society organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights, which (due to Argentina’s strong commitment to human rights) are many, join these meetings. The main objective of this reunion is to listen to civil society and to take note of their concerns, criticisms, demands, and proposals in the field of human rights, in order to resort to their perspective later on, during the subsequent dialogue with the authorities.

A security policy that ignores citizens: Argentina 2003-2015

A new meeting of Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires, this time dedicated to analyze the security policy during the Kirchner government in Argentina, with guest speakers Sybil Rhodes and Jorge Streb, academic counselors of CADAL and professors at Universidad del CEMA, was held at the institution’s headquarters

Access to information and public media in Argentina

With Maria Clara Güida, Nestor Sclauzero and Juan Miceli as guest speakers, CADAL presented at its office the last two chapters of the book «Challenges for strengthening democracy in Argentina» published with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Presentation of the book: «30 años de democracia en Argentina»

The presentation of the book «Un balance politico a 30 años del retorno a la democracia en Argentina» (A political balance to 30 years of the return to democracy in Argentina) had the participation of the authors, Luis Alberto Romero, Graciela Fernández, Daniel Sabsay, Marcos Novaro, Carlos Fara, Fernando Ruiz and Gabriel Palumbo, who talked at the media library of the French Alliance of Buenos Aires with Vicente Palermo, author of the prologue

A Political balance after 30 years of the return to democracy in Argentina

From August 20 to September 12, the seminar called "A Political balance after 30 years of the return to democracy in Argentina” took place thanks to the support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The seminar was intended for young students and recent graduates. Among the speakers were Graciela Fernández Meijide, Luis Alberto Romero, Daniel Sabsay, Marco Novaro, Carlos Fara, Fernando Ruiz, Carlos Gervasoni and Gabriel Palumbo.

Participation in Civic Consensus

The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), together with the foundations Argentina 21st Century, Alem, CIESO, Republican Consensus, Movement for a Productive Argentina, New Generations and PENSAR, released a joint document today, promising to reach a basic consensus on the design of public policies that will provide serious and durable mechanisms that will help the government do its job. Representing CADAL, its director, Gabriel Salvia, said: "We should work to strengthen the form of republican government and the democratic institutions, which today are being eroded."

The role of the provinces in 2011 Presidential elections

Political Scientist Carlos Gervasoni was the guest speaker of the Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires, that took place at CADAL's office and that focused on "The role of the provinces in 2011 Argentine presidential elections". The Forum was moderated by Tristán Rodríguez Loredo, Director of CADAL's Advisory Council and had the support of Fundación Konrad Adenauer, Bodegas San Huberto and Jujuy Inn Apart Hotel de Rosario.

Unjustified delay in the publication of the Detailed Memory of the state of the Nation in Argentina

The Detailed Memory of the state of the Nation of Argentina is a document of 500 pages and the most relevant publication where the ministries and secretaries dependent of the Executive Branch account for their actions. The Memory is sent by the Executive Branch to the Congress on March 1, each year in coincidence witht he opening sessions of both chambers.

ANSES answered CADAL's request

Dated on June 26, but delivered on Monday, June 28 at 7:30 pm, the Social Security Federal Administration (ANSES) answered CADAL's request on the bonds share of that entity. The request was done according to the access to public information law.

CADAL denounced ANSeS for not complying with Access of Information Decree

Adrián Lucardi, Associated Researcher of CADAL, presented a letter before Anti-Corruption Office (OA) denouncing the Federal Administration of Social Security (ANSes) for not complying with decree 1172/03, of access of information, that obliges those agencies under the jurisdiction of the Federal Executive Power to give information to anyone requesting it.

The ''model'' in the provinces

This document intends to analyze the functioning of the “economic model” in the provinces, reflecting on the political impact which the current economic crisis could have there. The leading argument is that, since the country overtook the 2002 crisis, the provincial governments adopted a pro-cyclic model that is based upon a constant increase of public spending and public sector employment, which will enforce a cutback on expenditures, starting on June 28th.

Political modernization, institutional quality and democratic strengthening

Invited by FUNDACOR, Gabriel Salvia, CADAL's Chairman, gave a presentation on "Political modernization, institutional quality and democratic strengthening" at Ducal hotel in Cordoba city, Argentina. The event was moderated by Jessica Valentini, former Obudsman of Córdoba. During his presentation, Salvia analyzed the party institutional quality 25 years after the return of democracy in Argentina; unique ballot, "small tables" and simoultaneous open primaries; the advancement of legislative elections and testimony candidates; the subversion of the legislative process in Argentina and the current division of waters in Argentine politics.

CADAL presented a request of access to public information before ANSeS

Adrián Lucardi, Associated Researcher at CADAL, presented a request of access to information before the Federal Administration of Social Security (ANSeS). The request refers to the decree 1172/2003 of access to public information, that obligues those entities operating under jurisdiction of the Federal Executive Branch to give information to any person who requires it.

Democracy and authoritarianism in Argentine provinces

Political Scientist Carlos Gervasoni expounded on ''Democracy and authoritarianism in Argentine provinces'' at Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires organized by CADAL at Regal Pacific Hotel. The speaker gave a panorama on the state of democratic rights in the 24 districts of Argentina.