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We promote initiatives aimed at supporting artists at risk and informing about the state of artistic freedom in Latin America.

«Arte en resistencia»: exposición digital del Movimiento San Isidro

«Arte en resistencia»: digital exhibition by Movimiento San Isidro

«We are proud to present Arte en Resistencia, a virtual 3D gallery experience we are launching in tandem with the Oslo Freedom Forum. Held in partnership with Human Rights Foundation’s Art in Protest program, Arte en Resistencia reflects on the phenomenon of how art as a form of resistance has become a cultural practice in Cuba. Movimiento San Isidro (MSI) artists and protagonists of the Cuban artivism movement Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Amaury Pacheco, Yasser Castellanos, Afrik3Reina, and Katherine Bisquet are featured in this unique virtual space».
Juan Pablo Caicedo

Juan Pablo Caicedo: «There can be no art without critical thinking»

Colombian plastic artist, Caicedo works in various media and generates reflections on the context in which the different communities are. He was collaborating with Amaury Pacheco, a Cuban artist, and is interested in creating bridges and ties between Latin American artists and their Cuban colleagues so that they can make free and dignified art.