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Andrés Cañizález
Andrés Cañizález
Academic Adviser
Researcher at the Universidad Cat?lica Andr?s Bello in Venezuela. Director of Median?lisis, a civil organization focused on promoting independent journalism and of Cotejo.Info, the first fact-checker in Venezuela. Regular Publisher in El Est?mulo, Efecto Cocuyo and Prodavinci.
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12/12/2016 | Books
«Cañizález has devoted himself to scrutinizing some of the most socially relevant aspects of communication phenomena, in particular the complex relationships between communication and power. His work is nourished by multiple conceptual and geographical references, but the emphasis of his attention and research has been Venezuela and, as a necessary extension, other Andean countries. The essays that make up this book are about these focuses. From the foreword by Eduardo Ulibarri

18/11/2014 | Books

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