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Bernabé García Hamilton
Bernabé García Hamilton

Academic advisor of the Center for the Opening and the Development of Latin America (CADAL).

Lawyer (UBA, Argentina) and Master in Entrepreneur Law (ESEADE) . Adjunct Professor on the subject "Economic analysis" at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences (UBA) and Universidad de Ciencias Económicas y Sociales (UCES). Head of commercial and practical work in civil contracts matter at Faculty of law and social sciencies (UBA) Chair Carlos A. Ghersi. Contributor to the book “Contratos Civiles y Comerciales”, Ghersi, Carlos and collaborators (Astrea); and co-author of the “Colección del Análisis Jurisprudencial. Contratos Civiles y Comerciales”, Ghersi, Carlos and collaborators. He is a partner of Law firm García Hamilton-Bergthal.