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CADAL attends to XVIII Fórum da Liberdade in Porto Alegre
May 3, 2005
CADAL went to Porto Alegre (Brazil) to XVIII Freedom Forum, where the issue under debate was the future of labor with the presence of more than 2500 participants.

The Future of Labor

During May 2 and 3, XVIII Freedom Forum was organized in Porto Alegre (Brazil) where the issue of the future of labor was under debate with the assistance of 2500 participants. Among the speakers were the Governor of San Pablo, Gerardo Alckmin; the major of Rio de Janeiro, Cesar Maia; Congressman (PT) Roberto Freire; businessman Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter; and economists, analysts and academics such as Ricardo López Murphy, Mauricio Rojas, Walter Block, Olavo de Carvalho, Suri Ratnapala and Eduardo Giannetti Da Fonseca.

Fórum Da Liberdade is annually organized by Instituto de Estudios Empresariales of Porto Alegre and aims to find objective and viable alternatives to solve brazilian problems and be a place for debate on economics, politics and social issues of Latin America.

Ricardo López Murphy, Mauricio Rojas and Gabriel Salvia talking at the VIP sector before the inauguration.

Hernán Alberro, Vice-Director of CADAL, and philosopher Amy Peikoff.

Inês Medvedovski, Executive Manager of Instituto Liberdade of Porto Alegre, and Gabriel Salvia, General Director of CADAL.