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Business Council
December 9, 2008


The main goal of the Business Council at the Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de América Latina (CADAL) is to serve as a link between this institution and the business sector assisting CADAL in identifying the areas of greatest concern in the national reality so that these topics may be objectively analyzed, researched, and circulated.

Companies produce goods and services that contribute to the country's development and economic and social progress. This is made possible through the contribution of venture capital, initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, efficiency, the pursuit of excellence, and concern for the workforce it employs as well as for the environment.

The combined support and coordinated efforts of the private sector with organizations like CADAL is something positive insofar as it allows these organizations to independently achieve their missions because the private sector provides feedback to organizations in the form of information so that they can identify topics which should be professionally and objectively analyzed and researched, opening various doors to progress.

The Business Council will facilitate CADAL's contribution by training civil awareness and sense of responsibility which will in turn translate into concrete actions by politicians, legislators, judges, citizens, and entrepreneurs.

The Director of the Business Council was appointed by the General Director of CADAL with the support of the Board.

The Director of the Business Council is a member of the institution's Executive Council and with the agreement of the General Director, has the authority to appoint a Coordinator to assist with CADAL's institutional relations with the business community; the Director of the Business Council may also appoint members who contribute to the Foundation financially or in kind.

Business Council Coordinator:
Horacio Fernández is an attorney (UBA, Argentina) and has a Master's in Comparative Law (SMU, USA).

Business Council Coordinator:
José Montaldo is an Industrial Engineer (Universidad de Buenos Aires). He holds a Master in Business Administration (IAE).