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Executive Committee analyzed the plan of activities for 2012
February 7, 2012
Authorities and collaborators of CADAL attended to the presentation of the plan of activities of the Program of Regional Political and Economic Analysis (Paper latino), the Latin American School of Political and Economic Studies (ELEPE), the Project Puente Democrático and the finance strategy 2012-2013. On this opportunity the implementation of the ''Legislative Barometer Economic and Institutional Agenda 2012-2013'' was announced, as well as the organization of Foros Latinos, the Latin American Program of Academic Extention José Ignacio García Hamilton, the Program Germán Sopeña Economics and Media, and the Program Good Bye Lenin, the creation of the thematic library Vaclav Havel (dictatorships, transitions and international law of human rights), the elaboration of the Index of International Commitment to Human Rights and finally, the finance strategy 2012-2013.

The meeting of the Executive Committee of CADAL for the first quarter of the year took place at its office. During the meeting, Gabriel Salvia, General Director, presented the Plan of Activities of the entity for this year.

Horacio Fernández, Coordinator of CADAL's Business Council; Camden Luxford, Intern (Deakin University, Australia); Sergio Casais, Webmaster; Bernabé García Hamilton, Coordinator of the Academic Council; and Rosario Savini, voluntary of the Observatory of International Relations and Human Rights (Universidad del Salvador).

Florencia de la Cruz, Intern (Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile); Ayelén Vanegas, voluntary in charge of the coordination of the Legislative Barometer 2012-2013 (Universidad de San Andrés); and Tristán Rodríguez Loredo, Director of CADAL's Advisory Council.

Gabriel Salvia, General Director of CADAL; Horacio Reyser, vice-chairman and Director of Business Council; Marisa Di Vitto, Administrative and Finance Director; Marcelo Loprete, Secretary and Director of the Academic Council; and Mercedes Sidders, Voluntary in charge of a research on social policy (Universidad de San Andrés).

Gabriel Salvia, Tristán Rodríguez Loredo, Camden Luxford, María Eugenia Salinas (Voluntary, Universidad Católica Argentina), Bernabé García Hamilton, Ayelén Vanegas, Florencia de la Cruz, Rosario Savini, Sergio Casais, Mercedes Sidders, Horacio Reyser, Marisa Di Vitto, Horacio Fernández, Marcelo Loprete and Hernán Alberro, Programs Director of CADAL.