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Cuba’s voting pattern during its 12 years at the UN Human Rights Council

Over the twelve years during which Cuba had a seat at the UN Human Rights Council, the regime has been systematically complicit in the grave human rights violations perpetrated in other parts of the world. This can be inferred from the recorded votes, opposing to resolutions condemning dire human rights violations and calling the world into action. They have been constantly abetting and siding with autocratic governments across the world. In the bid to join the Human Rights Council during the 2021-2023 term, the one-party system stated that «should Cuba be elected to the Human Rights Council, it would continue to support its long-standing initiatives». Global democracies, especially those in Latin America who strive to consolidate the respect for human rights, shall oppose to the candidacy of Cuba and any other autocracies to the Human Rights Council, and they must do so publicly and actively in order to avoid the weakening of the International system for human rights protection.
By Brian Schapira and Roxana Perel
BRIAN SCHAPIRA Is a lawyer (University of Buenos Aires) with a Master’s in International and Comparative Law (Southern Methodist University–Dedman School of Law, Texas, US) and a postgraduate degree in Oil and Gas Law (University of Buenos Aires). He was an intern of the International Clerkship Program before the Federal Justice of the United States (Dallas, Texas). He was Under Secretary of Protection and International Liaison in Human Rights of the Nation of the Argentine Republic between December 2015 and December 2019. He is currently the Institutional Relations Director at CADAL.
ROXANA PEREL Is a lawyer and a notary public (University of Buenos Aires) with a postgraduate degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (Fundación LIBRA). She was a legal consultant at the Ministry of Justice for 10 years, until October 2018, serving in the area of International Law. There, she specialized in report presentation and follow-up with the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review and under organizations based on the UN Charter. She is also trained in the compliance of human rights international standards and is now a research associate at CADAL.

Las votaciones de Cuba en sus 12 años en el Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU

Brian Schapira and Roxana Perel
Brian Schapira and Roxana Perel

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