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September 15, 2016

Dealing with the authoritarian resurgence

A renewed struggle between democracy and authoritarianism has emerged. The decade-long democratic decline reported by Freedom House has been most dramatic within the ranks of already authoritarian regimes, which have become even more repressive. At the same time, the most influential among them—China, Russia, and Iran—have become more internationalist. In doing so, they have found ways to exploit integration and to broaden their influence in the democratic world. Through the development of the antidemocratic toolkit of simulated NGOs, think tanks, election monitors, and news media, the autocrats are actively seeking to undermine democracy from within.
By Christopher Walker

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  • The Authoritarian Toolkit
  • The Worst Get Worse
  • Thwarting “Color Revolutions”
  • The Challenge from “Zombie” Democracy
  • The Battle over Information
  • Responding to Authoritarian Internationalism
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker
Director ejecutivo del Foro Internacional de Estudios Democráticos de la Fundación Nacional para la Democracia. (NED)