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CADAL Nominates Cuban Punk Rock Band for the 2018 Freedom of Expression Awards

The band Porno para Ricardo was nominated for the Arts category, which recognizes «artists and artistic directors whose work challenges repression and injustice and celebrates free artistic expression»

CADAL’s Democratic Solidarity Program nominated the Cuban punk rock band Porno para Ricardo for the 2018 Freedom of Expression Awards, which are awarded annually by the British organization Index on Censorship. The nomination acknowledges the band’s relentless work in denouncing oppression through their music.

Porno Para Ricardo en Uniclub, Buenos Aires - Junio, 2016

In the nomination, CADAL highlights that the “motivation behind the band’s repertoire is the conquest of Liberty in Cuba, and, thus, the fall of the Castro regime. In all of their songs, the band denounces the regime’s oppression and physical and mental manipulation of its population, especially that of political dissidents, whom are openly persecuted. Although they are a protest band, they use humor and absurdity to describe Cuban society and its tragicomic functioning.”

Headquartered in England, the Index on Censorship defends and promotes free expression across the globe. Its mission is to “raise awareness about threats to free expression and the value of free speech as the first step to tackling censorship.”

The winners of the 2018 Freedom of Expression Awards will receive 12 months worth of support in the development of their work. This prize is awarded with the goal of “maximizing the impact and sustainability of those voices at the frontline of the battle against censorship across the world.


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