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«Sharp Power»: Rising Authoritarian Influence

CADAL associated researcher, Juan Pablo Cardenal, took part in the presentation in Washington of the publication «Sharp Power»: Rising Authoritarian Influence.

Published by National Endowment for Democracy’s International Forum for Democratic Studies the study states that Over the past decade, China and Russia have spent billions of dollars to shape public opinion and perceptions around the world, employing a diverse toolkit that includes thousands of people-to-people exchanges, wide-ranging cultural activities, educational programs, and the development of media enterprises and information initiatives with global reach.

Sharp Power

The report, which focuses on Chinese and Russian influence in Argentina, Peru, Slovakia, and Poland, finds that a clear reconceptualization of “soft power is needed to adequately describe these activities. Such authoritarian influence is better described as “sharp power,” in that it pierces, penetrates, or perforates the information and political environments in the targeted countries.

Juan Pablo Cardenal

CADAL’s Associated Researcher was in charge of the writing of the chapters China in Latin America: Understanding the Inventory of Influence, Navigating Political Change in Argentina and Reframing Relations in Peru.

Chapters on China will be translated into Spanish an dpublished in a book that will be presented at Foro Latinoamericano Buenos Aires on February 28th on ocassion off the 15th anniversary of CADAL. Read the publication in English, click here.


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