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Last meeting of the year of the Extended Executive Committee

The extended meeting of the Executive Committee summons the members of the Board, directors, advisers and staff. A total of 20 CADAL members participated in this opportunity, and Brian Schapira was also present, who will be incorporated as Director of Institutional Relations starting in February. Ignacio Labaqui, a new Associate Researcher, and Raúl Ferro, who traveled from Santiago de Chile, also participated. The meeting was held in the building where CADAL moved its headquarters, now located in the Retiro neighborhood: Basavilbaso 1350, 10th floor, office 02.

The opening was in charge of Gabriel C. Salvia, General Director, who reported on the projects currently implemented by CADAL, the new staff incorporations and the main fund-raising initiatives for 2020. Next, Hernán Alberro, Programs Director, referred to the objectives and activities of the project to promote freedom of association in Cuba.

Diana Arévalo, Coordinadora de Proyectos, y Cecilia Noce, Consejera Académica 

Subsequently, Diana Arévalo, Project Coordinator, and Cecilia Noce, Academic Advisor, referred to the agreement that CADAL signed with the Danish organization Freemuse and the characteristics of the monitoring on threats to freedom of artistic expression in Latin America that started to be implemented.

Raúl Ferro

For his part, Raúl Ferro, Director of the Advisory Council of CADAL and Former Journalistic Director of América Economía, offered a detailed analysis on the situation in Chile.

Sybil Rhodes y Carlos Fara, Presidente y Vicepresidente de CADAL, respectivamente

Finally, Sybil Rhodes and Carlos Fara, President and Vice President of CADAL, respectively, presented the challenges and opportunities of the organization for 2020.

Sergio Casais, Webmaster; Ignacio Labaqui, Investigador Asociado; Raúl Ferro, Director del Consejo Consultivo; Tristán Rodríguez Loredo, Tesorero; Sybil Rhodes, Presidente; Carlos Fara, Vicepresidente; Cecilia Noce, Consejera Académica; Jorge Streb, Consejero Académico; Marisa Di Vitto, Directora de Administración y Finanzas; Hernán Alberro, Director de Programas; Sabrina Ajmechet, Consejera Académica; Diana Arévalo, Coordinadora de Proyectos; Paula Loreti, Asistente de Comunicación Digital; Brian Schapira; Lorenzo Agüero, Asistente de Investigaciones; Gabriel Salvia, Director General; Stephanía Román, Coordinadora de Contenidos Digitales; y Victoria Ariagno, Asistente de Investigaciones.

Sergio Casais, Webmaster; Ignacio Labaqui, Associated researcher; Raúl Ferro, Director of the Advosory Council; Tristán Rodríguez Loredo, Treasurer; Sybil Rhodes, President; Carlos Fara, Vicepresident; Cecilia Noce, Academic Council; Jorge Streb, Academic Council; Marisa Di Vitto, Directora of Finance and Administration; Hernán Alberro, Programs Director; Sabrina Ajmechet, Academic Council; Diana Arévalo, Projects Coordinator; Paula Loreti, Digital Communications Assistant; Brian Schapira; Lorenzo Agüero, Research Assistant; Gabriel Salvia, General Director; Stephanía Román, Coordinator of Digital Contents; and Victoria Ariagno, Research Assistant.

Jaime Malamud Goti, Consejero Académico; Raúl Ferro, Brian Schapira, Cecilia Noce e Ignacio Labaqui.

Jaime Malamud Goti, Academic Council; Raúl Ferro, Brian Schapira, Cecilia Noce and Ignacio Labaqui.

Team Observatorio CADAL

Lorenzo Agüero, Alejandro Di Franco and Victoria Ariagno, Research Assistants of the Observatory of International Relations and Human Rights of CADAL, and Paula Loreti.

Sergio Casais y Marisa Di Vitto

Sergio Casais and Marisa Di Vitto.


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