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A flag for Tibet

62 years after the tibetan uprising of march 10th 1959, when they rebelled against chinese oppression, at CADAL we are launching the initiative “A flag for Tibet”, to commemorate this unrelenting struggle and let tibetans know that we are not indifferent about their fate.

Una bandera por el Tíbet

As an independent nation, Tibet had a sovereign government, a flag, a national currency, postal system, a language, laws and traditions. After the chinese military invasion, tibetan families and monasteries have suffered ever increasing restrictions.

Today, the mere waving of the Tibetan National Flag means torture, prison, forced disappearence and even possibly death. That is why we are calling to be us the ones who raise their flag in solidarity with the Tibetan people by changing our social network avatars.

Democratic solidarity is a commitment we uphold in every way possible, and in this opportunity, the visibility handed by the new media is a chance we will not watch go by.

We make a call also to the Buenos Aires City Government, the National Secretary of Human Rights, and the Minister of Foreign Relations, to honour our country’s tradition of democracy and human rights and to take part in this initiative by raising the Tibetan flag at their official bulidings


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