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Cañizález dedicates his award to Venezuelan journalists

This international award, given every three year, recognizes the work of journalists and professors of communications in the defense of human rights in any part of the world where they are under threat. It was established to honor the carmelite religius Titus Bransdma, who from academia and catholic press firmely and early opposed to the totalitarianism presented by Nazism in Europe during the Second World War. Because of his opinions, Bransdma was executed by the Nazis on 1942.

Andrés Cañizález, professor of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and member of CADAL's Academic council, recieved in Burkina Faso the prestigious award Titus Bransdma, given by Unión Católica Internacional de Prensa (UCIP) and the Episcopal Conference of Netherland. During the award ceremony on September 17, Cañizález dedicated the award to all Venezuelan journalists "who are permanently harrassed and atacked in the exercise of their profession".



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