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José Ignacio García Hamilton Scholarships 2013

The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), invites young students and college graduates under age 30, to compete for a place in the Scholarship José Ignacio García Hamilton 2013

"All communities have positive and negative history, what matters is to promote progressive features and mitigate the regressive tendencies"

José Ignacio García Hamilton (1943-2009)

 The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), invites young students and college graduates under age 30, to compete for a place in the Scholarship José Ignacio García Hamilton 2013 which includes:

-Free preferential registration to educational programs organized by the institution, including the Conference Cycle "30 years after the return to democracy in Argentina", the "Latin American Academic Extension Program José Ignacio García Hamilton," the "Germán Sopeña program - Journalism and Development "and" Good Bye Lenin program".

-Free of charge invitation to the Forums Latinos, cycle of analysis meetings aimed to subscribers of the institution, foreign diplomats and special guests.

-Mailing of all printed publications published by CADAL, including "Global Development Yearbook", the "Documents" serie and the quarterly report "Paper Latino."

-Delivery of abundant reading material, including the book "Por qué crecen los países" by José Ignacio García Hamilton.

-Priority volunteer opportunities, internships and fellowships offered by the institution.

How to apply?

-Sending a message of no more than 500 characters to explaining the reasons of interest in the scholarship and attaching a CV.

How are the winners of the scholarships selected?

-From reading the messages received requesting the scholarship and analysis of the CV, there will be a pre-selection of participants who will be invited to a briefing.

-After the briefing, we will evaluate the participation of the audience and will select the scholarships recipients, who will be informed no later than the 5th day after the talk.

When does the scholarships call ends?

-Scholarships are given by stages and at least three calls are made per year.

"I started attending CADAL activities five years ago. I was finishing college and I wanted to do something that was beyond academics. CADAL was ideal because it allowed me to connect what I learned with the issue of human rights and economic development in Latin America. Over time I was integrated into the organization, and I was able to write and publish articles and develop projects as a survey of national legislators. Furthermore, CADAL gave me the opportunity to bond with students and professors from other institutions, as well as to learn things that are not taught in college: like the 'kitchen' of a think tank, how to engage with the media, or how to put together activities and generate contacts with diplomats, businessmen and politicians ".

Adrian Lucardi (Associated Researcher of CADAL. Graduated Summa cum laude in Political Science from Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina, and currently PhD student at Washington University in Saint Louis, USA).

José Ignacio García Hamilton (1943-2009). Lawyer and Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, he was a professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, journalist and writer. His essay on "Los orígenes de la cultura autoritaria (e improductiva)" received several awards and invitations to lecture at the universities of Wisconsin, Loyola, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Yeshiva and Ripon, in the United States. At the same time, for "La vida de un ausente" a novelized biography of John B. Alberdi, he was awarded with Konex Foundation Diploma of Merit as one of five literary figures of the decade 1984-1994 in Biographies and Memoirs discipline. And on "Cuyano alborotador, la vida de Domingo Faustino Sarmiento", he gave a presentation in New York and Washington. He served as federal representative for the UCR from 2007 to 2009, was Vice President of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and generously participated in several activities organized by CADAL.


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