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Executive Committee holds Expanded Meeting

Those present at the meeting were Gabriel Salvia, representing the Administrative Board; permanent staff members Hernán Alberro, Marisa Di Vitto, Sergio Casais, and Diana Arévalo; advisors José Montaldo and Liliana De Riz; foreign interns Justine Vieira and Valentina d’Andria; volunteers Sofia Frers, Ludmila González, and Eric Grosembacher; and special guests Cándido Figueredo Ruiz and Patricia Bellenzier.

Among the activities reviewed from the first semester of 2017 were the generated revenue, the development of CADAL-generated content for the Análisis Latino website, the private-sector funding strategy, the number of online visits to CADAL’s websites, and the expanded event promotion and social media posts. Paraguayan journalist Cándido Figuerado Ruiz was then introduced; Figuerado Ruiz was in Buenos Aires due to an agreement between CADAL and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Finally, foreign intern Justine Vieira (France) was thanked for her contributions to CADAL.

Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo

Foreign intern Valentina d’Andria (Italy) and Project Assistant Diana Arévalo, presented examples of the content that is being developed for CADAL’s social networks.

Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo

Sergio Casais presented a statistical report on the main CADAL websites. Marisa Di Vitto reported on the revenue generated so far in 2017.

Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo

Cándido Figueredo Ruíz, winner of the Committee to Protect Journalists’ (CPJ) International Press Freedom Award 2015, introduced himself at the meeting. Figueredo Ruíz, journalist for Paraguay’s ABC Color newspaper, stayed in Buenos Aires for a month due to an agreement between CADAL and CPJ.

Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo

At the closing of the meeting, Hernán Alberro and Gabriel Salvia thanked foreign intern Justine Vieira for her collaboration with CADAL. Vieira then presented a summary of her work during four months with CADAL.

Reunión ampliada del Comité Ejecutivo

José Montaldo, Director of the Business Council; Sergio Casais, Webmaster; Hernán Alberro, Programs Director; Sofía Frers, Ludmila González, and Eric Grosembacher, volunteers; Justine Vieira and Valentina d'Andria, foreign interns; Diana Arévalo, Project Assistant; Patricia Bellenzier, special guest; Marisa Di Vitto, Administration and Finance Director; Gabriel Salvia, Chairman and General Director; and Cándido Figueredo Ruíz.


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