Human Rights and
International Democratic Solidarity

Defense of the Freedom of Artistic Expression

We organize events in which artists, managers and leaders of civil society exchange ideas and proposals in defense of artistic freedom in Latin America.

Limits and possibility of independent cinema

Limits and possibility of independent cinema - 7th International Film Festival for Human Rights

CADAL and RIALTA organized a talk with Latin American filmmakers entitled: "Limits and the possibility of independent cinema: A view from Cuba, Argentina and Brazil", within the framework of the 7th edition of the International Film Festival for Human Rights - Colombia. The filmmakers Gabriel Medina, from Argentina; Sabrina Fidalgo, from Brazil and Jose Luis Aparicio, from Cuba. The moderation was in charge of Diego Aretz.
Freedom of artistic expression: Reflections from Latin America

Freedom of artistic expression: Reflections from Latin America

What is the situation of Freedom of artistic expression in the world and in Latin America? What challenges do artists and audiences face in their practice of Freedom of Artistic Expression globally? What are the trends in Latin America on Freedom of artistic expression? We are accompanied by Anamely Ramos from Cuba, Rubén Chababo from Argentina, Camila Moraes from Brazil and Arturo Duclos from Chile; all moderated by Cecilia Noce, Associate Researcher at CADAL.
Intercambio entre artistas cubanos y proyecto de residencias artísticas

Exchange among Cuban artists and artistic residence project

In MUNAR, a space in the city of Buenos Aires where the link with contemporary art is promoted, an open breakfast was held among independent Cuban artists of the San Isidro Movement with the R.A.R.O. Collective that proposes a traveling artistic residence program in countries such as Argentina, Chile and Spain.

Cultural rights and challenges to artistic freedom in Cuba

With the participation of Iris Ruiz and Amaury Pacheco, as guest speakers, a conference was held at the CADAL headquarters to analyze the state of cultural rights in Cuba especially the total censorship imposed by decree 349 on independent artists and the cultural policy included in the constitutional reform project.

Cuban artists Vs. Decree No. 349

With the participation of two independent Cuban artists, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and Yanelys Núñez Leyva, who were invited as speakers, the conference “Cuban Artists Vs. Decree No. 349: A document that legalizes censorship and discrimination” was held at CADAL’s headquarters.