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Thoughts and Lessons from a post-communist Eastern Europe
4 de abril de 2018
Together with the author and journalist Ignacio Ezequiel Hutin and the support of journalist Telma Luzzani and philosoph Tomás Várnagy, Cadal presented “Deconstrucción: Crónicas y reflexiones desde la Europa Oriental poscomunista” (Deconstruction: Thoughts and Lessons from a post-communist Eastern Europe).

War, massacres, dictatorships, systematic violations of human rights, genocide. And, in the end, transition. Eastern Europe had to go through hell and, just as in Dante’s Divine Comedy, it is still trying to find a way to bring its people closer to paradise. There are still many people who look at former times with nostalgia. They remember the old days as having been simpler and more convenient while others still firmly deny any critical thought about what had happened and, thus, reject to learn from the mistakes they made in the past.


The book contains a series of articles of which some are rather joyful to read and have timeless characters. Others, by contrast, might approach the desperate reality, with which many are struggling on a daily basis, more directly and offer explanations to why it had to be that way.

Telma Luzzani

Journalist Telma Luzzani commenting on the book..

Tomás Várnagy

Philosoph Tomás Várgany was invited by CADAL.

Ignacio Hutin

Ignacio Ezequiel Hutin is a journalist, author and photographer. He collaborated with media outlets in Argentina, Spain, Serbia, Russia and Bulgaria. Since 2013, he is reporting from conflict zones all over Eastern Europe and Asia.