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This is How You Vote in Cuba
26 de junio de 2018
CADAL and Transparencia Electoral presented the book by political scientist Leandro Querido Así se vota en Cuba, with comments by Alejandra Lazzaro, Secretary of the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina. The book with the prologue by Cuban academic Armando Chaguaceda, offers a forensic analysis of the Cuban electoral system.

The book is co-published by CADAL and Transparencia Electoral and offers a forensic analysis of the Cuban electoral system under the heat of the historic electoral process of 2017/2018 when after more than five decades the Castro leave the State Council.

Así se vota en Cuba

The presentation in Buenos Aires of the book Así se vota en Cuba took place at CADAL’s headquarters.

Leandro Querido

Leandro Querido holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires. He is the Director of Electoral Transparency Latin Americaand the portal Electoral News Latin America. As a lecturer in Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires, Querido specializes in electoral systems. He has traversed the continent studying its electoral processes. He has performed electoral observation and evaluation duties in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, the United States, Bolivia, Guatemala, and other countries. In some of these countries, he was a part of the Organization of American States’ Electoral Observation Missions. Likewise, he has performed the same duties in provincial and national elections in Argentina. He participated in the Organization of American States’ first School on Electoral Observation, which took place in Salamanca, Spain. He is editor of the book “Election in Latin America 1985-2015. 30 years of democratic transformation.” The work was declared “of social and cultural interest” by the City of Buenos Aires Legislature.