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The legacy of Václav Havel

Jakub Klepal, Manuel Cuesta Morúa and Gabriel Salvia discussed the leadership of the dissident and former Czech president in terms of international democratic solidarity. The meeting included the projection of a video message from Edita Hrdá, Director for the Americas of the Foreign Service of the European Union.

The conference on "The legacy of Václav Havel and international democratic solidarity" was held in Buenos Aires, organized by CADAL and the Czech foundation Forum 2000.

El legado de Václav Havel 

Jakub Klepal is the Executive Director of Forum 2000 Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Democracy Assistance and Human Rights.

El legado de Václav Havel

Manuel Cuesta Morúa is a historian and political activist in Cuba. In 2016 he won the Ion Ratiu Prize awarded by Woodrow Wilson Center.

El legado de Václav Havel

Gabriel Salvia is the General Director of the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) and founder of Václav Havel Institute of CADAL.

El legado de Václav Havel

At the end of the conference a video testimony of Edita Hrdá, current Director for the Americas of the Foreign Service of the European Union and former representative of the Czech Republic to the UN, was screened.

El legado de Václav Havel

To the conference attended a large group of Cuban democratic activists who were visiting Buenos Aires to participate in training activities.


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