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Experiences and challenges of data gathering in Cuba

Bárbara Maceda –Project Inventory-, Norgés Rodriguez –Yucabyte-, Laritza Diversent –Cubalex- and Mario Lleonart –Instituto Patmos- were the exhibitors of this virtual event. Based on the experience of the four organizations, the difficulties and challenges surrounding access to information in Cuba were analyzed. Latin American experts in open data participated actively, through very valuable contributions: Eduard Borregón (Power - Mexico), Juan Manuel Casanueva (SocialTic- Mexico), Ana Carolina Alpírez (Eye with my Pisto - Guatemala), Juliana Galvis - Datasketch (Colombia) and Romina Colman (LNData - Argentina). The event was moderated by Juan Ignacio Belbis (ILDA - Argentina). AprilVarious perspectives were analyzed and there were quantitative data presented by Tomás Páez and Jorge Duany. In addition, Carlos Aníbal Alonso shared his personal experience. Also, Enrique del Risco, Melba Escobar, and Carolina Amoroso analyzed stories of Venezuelan migrants in their countries. The moderation was in charge of Magdalena López, a specialist in culture and literature in the Hispanic Caribbean.

Experiencias y desafíos del relevamiento de datos en Cuba


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