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Book presentation at the Universidad Iberoamericana

CADAL and Universidad Iberoamericana organized the presentation of the book »75 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Views from Cuba» with the participation as speakers of Ileana Diéguez, Alejandro Anaya, Hilda Landrove and Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Arechavaleta, and with Gabriel C. Salvia as moderator.

The presentation was held at the Fernando Bustos Auditorium of the Universidad Iberoamericana campus in Mexico City.

Alejandro Anaya Muñoz - Presentación de libro en la Universidad Iberoamericana

The event was opened by Dr. Alejandro Anaya Muñóz, Vice Rector of the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). Anaya holds a PhD in Government and a Master's degree in Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Essex, England, and is a member of the National System of Researchers of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT). He is the author of three books and has written numerous articles in specialized journals. His most recent books include Human Rights Crisis in Mexico, co-edited with Barbara Frey (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018) and Derechos Humanos en y desde las Relaciones Internacionales (Mexico City, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, 2014). During the last years his research focused on transnational political dynamics around human rights and the influence of the international human rights regime. He is an Academic Advisor of CADAL.

Ileana Diéguez - Presentación de libro en la Universidad Iberoamericana

Ileana Diéguez, professor and researcher at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Cuajimalpa campus, then commented on the book. Diéguez was born in Cuba and holds a PhD in Literature with a postdoctorate in Art History (UNAM). Her field of study encompasses theatricality, performativity and the links between art, body, pain and memory. She is the author of the book "Cuerpos sin Duelo: iconografías y teatralidades del dolor" (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León).

Hilda Landrove - Presentación de libro en la Universidad Iberoamericana

Hilda Landrove, author of the book's prologue, then spoke. A Cuban living in Mexico, Hilda del Carmen Landrove Torres holds a degree in Music Education from the Universidad Pedagógica Enrique José Varona in Havana, a Master's degree in Mesoamerican Studies from UNAM and is a PhD candidate in the same postgraduate program. She has worked for several years in the field of cultural and social entrepreneurship, collaborating with the Danish school Kaospilot and participating in autonomous projects in Cuba and Mexico. She writes for several magazines on cultural and political issues, with emphasis on the Cuban reality. She is a member of the Laboratorios de Historia Indígena project at UNAM and is an Adjunct Researcher at GAPAC.

Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Arechavaleta - Presentación de libro en la Universidad Iberoamericana

Finally, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Arechavaleta, Professor-Researcher of the Department of Communication, Universidad Iberoamericana, gave a presentation. Born in Cuba and based in Mexico, Rodríguez Arechavaleta has a PhD and a Master's Degree in Social Science Research, specializing in Political Science (FLACSO-Mexico). He has taught at ITESM-CCM 1998-2013; in Graduate Studies at Universidad La Salle (1998-2006); PhD in Applied Communication, Universidad Anahuac del Norte (2010-2013); Universidad Iberoamericana (2005-present). He is the author of the book "La democracia republicana en Cuba, 1940-1952. Actors, rules and electoral strategies" (FCE, Mexico, 2017).Presentación de libro en la Universidad Iberoamericana

The authors of the book are historian, political scientist and political dissident Manuel Cuesta Morúa; jurist and historian Julio Antonio Fernández Estrada; and independent journalist Reinaldo Escobar. The book includes the speech of art critic Guy Pérez de Cisneros at the presentation of the draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and contains the Declaration and each of its articles illustrated by Cuban artists Julio Llópiz-Casal, María Esther Lemus Cordero and Renier Quer Figueredo. Anthropologist and cultural promoter Hilda Landrove, a Cuban living in Mexico, is the author of the prologue. The book was compiled by Gabriel C. Salvia. To download it for free click here

Gabriel C. Salvia, compilador del libro, Ileana Diéguez, Hilda Landrove, Carlos Rodríguez Arechavaleta y Alejandro Anaya.

Gabriel C. Salvia, compiler of the book, Ileana Diéguez, Hilda Landrove, Carlos Rodríguez Arechavaleta and Alejandro Anaya.


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