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Carlos Fara
Carlos Fara
Vice President
President of Carlos Fara & Asociados since 1991, has been a political consultant for more than 30 years. Public opinion, campaigning and government communications expert, he has received several awards. Among them, the Aristotle Prize for Excelency in 2010 at the year’s Dream Team, where the ten best political consultants in the world are recognized. He has worked in more than 160 campaigns in Argentina and Latin America and is the former president of the Latin American Association of Political Consultants (ALaCoP). He also was the first president of the Argentinian Association of Political Consultants (ASaCoP) and a board member at the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC). He wrote the first book in spanish dedicated exclusively to political consulting “How to be a political consultant?”. The book was awarded with the Best Book award from ALaCoP.
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15/8/2019 | Articles
(7 Miradas) The phrase that best suits these calculations is the one of Ian Fleming when he described the James Bond novels: “they are beyond the probable, but not beyond the impossible.”

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