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Hernán Alberro
Hernán Alberro
Advisory Councelor
Degree in Journalism (Universidad del Salvador) and MSc in Administration and Public Policy (Universidad de San Andrés). Participated in seminars from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) in New York, The Institute for Humane Studies and the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington DC, on freedom and administration of think-tanks. Currently works as an independent consultant assisting in international cooperation projects, fundraising and communication for national and international organizations. Former director of CADAL.
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30/10/2008 | Research Reports
The economy Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen revolutionized the concept of development by referring to it as "human development". This is how liberty became a central element of the process of development. Following this path, today many authors vigorously defend freedom of the press as an elementary base for development.

2/10/2007 | Research Reports
Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay lead the ranking.
 Bolivia fell five positions in the region.
Haiti did not change its position in the ranking but managed to increase its distance from Venezuela.
The only country still behind Venezuela is Cuba, that in the global aspect is only before North Korea.

1/9/2006 | Research Reports

1/11/2005 | Research Reports

1/8/2004 | Research Reports

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