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Perspectiva Magazine distributed during International Day of Climate Action
October 23, 2009
The participants to the conference received a copy of the last number of Perspectiva Magazine, dedicated to “Alternative energies”. This new issue of Perspectiva highlights the importance of hidrocarbons and the development of cleaner energy sources.

The conference "Sustentability and touristic development: principles and possibilities" in charge of Prof. Oscar Iroldi took place on 23 october at the Auditorio of Administrations and Political, Sciene College of Universidad ORT. Professor Iroldi, from that university, coordinator of Tourism Conglomerate in Montevideo of the Program of Conglomerates and chain production (PACC) at the Direction of Development Projects (DIPRODE) from the office of Planning and budget. The activity was organized under the framework of the  International Day of Climate Action.

After the conference, the film "An inconvenient Truth"  by former US president Al Gore, was shown. The activity ended with an open discussion on the role of each of every day probles of environment.

The activity was part of a series of actions taken by the group and was in charge of exchange students Sara Rafaelson (University of North Carolina, Estados Unifos) and Melissa Segil (Middlebury College, United States).

Prof. Iroldi is a consultant in tourism, eco-tourism and rural tourism. He holds an especialization degree on Microbusiness of rural tourism and environment at the International Center Golda Meir from Haifa, Esrael; a specialists University diploma on Development of Ecotourism and rural tourism at Wageningen University, Netherlands and a professors diploma at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.

Participants in the conference recieved a copy of the last number of Perspectiva Magazine, with the subject of “Alternative Energy”. the new number of Perspectiva states that there is currently an open consensus on the urgent need to reduce our dependence on hydrocarbon and develop cleaner sources of energy. However, Latin America is falling behind in this process and though there are already laws in that sense in some countries of the region, they are too shy, for it is important to identify successful experiences to start reproducing them more quickly. To analyze this situation Perspective gathered a number of experts in different fields, among them, Mateo Samper, director of public policies program at Americas Society/Council of the Americas; Carlos A. Yermoli, consultant of Procafta and chairman of Hydroscience Consulting; Diego J. Gonzalez Cruz, Oil engineer; Alejandro F. Mercado, doctor in economics, dean of Economic Science and Finance College at Universidad Católica Boliviana; Roberto Rodrigues, coordinator of Agribusiness at Fundación Getúlio Vargas and chairman of the Superior Council of Agribusiness at Federación de Industrias del Estado de San Pablo (Fiesp); Luis Ignacio Betancur, lawyer specialized in economics and independent consultant, and Marina Stadthagen, consultant at Cosep in Nicaragua. 

Perspectiva magazine is edited in Colombia by Instituto de Ciencia Política, with the support of Center for International Private Enterprise from United States and the collaboration of a network of institutes in different countries of the region. CADAL represents Perspectiva magazine in Uruguay, being in charge of distribution, presentation and promotion within that country.