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July 13, 2020

¿En qué mundo vivimos? (What world do we live in?)

Introduction. 1. The conflicts of democratic capitalism. 2. From economic liberalism to the welfare state. 3. Re-commodification: the neoliberal counter-reform. 4. The cultural conflicts of capitalist democracies. 5. The contradictions of capitalist democracies. 6. The rise of the authoritarian right. 7. The society of disinformation and the crisis of truth. 8. The dissolution of the borders of the social subsystems. 9. Democratic coexistence as ''polytheism'' of values. 10. Conclusions.
By Bernardo Sorj

Democratic Platform ( is an initiative of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation and the Edelstein Center for Social Research, dedicated to strengthening democratic institutions and culture in Latin America, through the pluralistic debate of ideas about transformations in the society and politics of the region and the world.

CADAL is a private and nonpartisan foundation, based in Buenos Aires, whose mission is to promote human rights and international democratic solidarity.

Collection: The State of Democracy in Latin America, directed by Bernardo Sorj and Sergio Fausto.Review: Maísa KawataFinal review: Adriane PiscitelliGraphic project: Bruno OrtegaTranslation into Spanish: Sofía Elisa NejamkisSpanish edition: Valentina ÁlvarezCopyright text © 2020 by Bernardo SorjSão Paulo: Democratic Platform Editorial, 2020ISBN: 978-65-87503-01-1

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