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Meeting with Freemuse colleagues

The General Director of CADAL, Gabriel Salvia, held a meeting in Copenhagen with Dwayne Mamo, Klaus Dik Nielsen, and David Y. Herrera, in which they shared ideas about how to deepen institutional collaboration in the promotion of artistic freedom, especially in Latin America.

Freemuse is an independent international organization created in 1998 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It defends freedom of artistic expression based on the respect of human rights. Freemuse monitors and documents violations of artistic freedom, and exposes the laws and policies that enable and sustain them. It works with partners, artists, and activists from all over the world, carrying out campaigns and helping vulnerable groups of artists.

Gabriel Salvia en encuentro con colegas de Freemuse

CADAL and Freemuse have already promoted together two initiatives aimed at the European Union. In the first one, they asked the Delegation of the European Union in Cuba to include independent artistic initiatives in the cultural cooperation of the island; in order to defend the right to freedom of artistic expression and not to extend the illegality imposed by the single-party system.  And in the second one, they called on the international community to raise concern to Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel that Decree 349 is inconsistent with international human rights standards, and sends a strong signal that failure to comply with human rights principles may force the international community to withdraw the financial support to Cuba.

Previously, CADAL supported Freemuse’s initiative Music Freedom Day, whose goal is to celebrate the human right for the freedom of musical expression. Since its beginning in 2007 this initiative has been held in more than 30 countries, and in 2018 it counted with the participation of artists and organizations from around the world that joined to defend artistic freedom.

During the meeting held at Freemuse office in the capital city of Denmark, the possibility of co-editing in Spanish the chapter about Latin America in the “Artistic Freedom around the World” report was considered, among other topics.


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