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Rhodes participated in the 2019 Global Think Tank Summit

CADAL’s president, Sybil Rhodes, participated in the 2019 Global Think Tank Summit «Turmoil and global transitions management: the role of think tanks» (in Spanish: «Gestión de la turbulencia y las transiciones globales: el papel de los think tanks»), that took place between December 11th. and December 13th., in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Worldwide think tanks’ executives discussed and shared how these idea labs help policy-makers, as well as the ways their institutions are dealing with politics and the strategic and operational challenges to be faced during these turbulent times.

On Tuesday 12th., Rhodes joined the conference panel “Sailing the new world order: how to avoid conflict siren and chaos in world politics” (in Spanish: “Navegar por el Nuevo Orden Mundial: cómo evitar las sirenas de conflicto y caos en la política mundial”). She participated together with Róbert Vass, GLOBSEC’s president; Gilead Sher, director and main investigator at Center for Applied Negotiations within the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), and Harsh Pant, head of the Strategic Studies Programme at Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi).

The Summit included conference panels regarding “‘Nosotros’ movement: popular discontent, democracy and dictators in an era of insecurity and digital disruptions”; “The hazard and the promess of artificial intelligence”; “The climate-change emergency: no more ‘Chicken Little’”; “Nourishment and water global assurance: how to avoid the upcoming crisis”; “Can you hear us now? Strategic communications for think tanks”; “New faces and new ideas: diversity and innovation within think tanks”; and “Trade wars: how are the winds blowing?”. The Summit ended on Friday 13th with the approach of issues such as “Thinking about the future of think tanks and public policy in an era of insecurity and instability”; “Multilateralism in a multipolar world: conflict and chaos or peace and prosperity?”, and “The power of thinks tanks and their joining potential”.


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