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CADAL celebrated its 19th anniversary during the Music Freedom Day

In a hybrid event, CADAL with the support of PROVEA of Venezuela organized a tribute to the Cuban punk rock band «Porno Para Ricardo» by their Venezuelan colleagues of the punk band «Agente Extraño». In a cultural space in the city of Buenos Aires, CADAL gathered diplomats, politicians, academics and cultural referents. March 3 is the day that the Danish NGO Freemuse calls to celebrate musical freedom. The meeting was moderated by Cecilia Noce, Coordinator of CADAL’s project Defense of freedom of artistic expression.

Agente Extraño performed six songs by their Cuban colleagues to pay tribute to "the most famous band in the world for not playing" and afterwards there was an exchange between the musicians. The "Porno Para Ricardo" emerged in 1998 in Havana, are banned from playing in Cuba, suffer censorship and its leader, Gorki Aguila, suffers permanent harassment that includes a surveillance camera in front of his house.

CADAL celebró su 19 aniversario

Among the attendees who followed the event in person in Buenos Aires were H.E. Lubomir Hladik, Ambassador of the Czech Republic en Argentina; Jindrich Kuvovsky, Consul of the Czech Republic in Buenos Aires; Luca Pierantoni, in charge of Cooperation of the European Union in Argentina; Camila Crescimbeni, National Deputy; Elisa Trotta, Representative of the Venezuelan Assembly in Argentina appointed by (acting) president Juan Guaidó; Claudio Avruj, former Secretary of Human Rights of Argentina; Laura Alonso, former head of the Anticorruption Office; and journalists Jorge Sigal, Jorge Elías and Fernando Laborda.

CADAL celebró su 19 aniversario

Along with authorities, staff and board members of CADAL, also present were Nadia Aguado and Sebastián Fernández, from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation; María Eugenia Talerico, from REJIA; filmmaker Pablo Raccioppi; sociologist Vicente Palermo; Venezuelan academic Raquel Gamusn, and lawyers Siro de Martini and Alfredo Vítolo.

CADAL celebró su 19 aniversario

LLisette Kugler, CADAL's Communication Coordinator, with Fernando Ruiz and Jorge Elías.

CADAL celebró su 19 aniversario

The attendants received a copy of CADAL's edition of the book "El crimen de la guerra" by Juan Bautista Alberdi. In this regard, in his speech for CADAL's 19th anniversary, its General Director, Gabriel Salvia, highlighted the task of the organization in promoting the globalization of democracy as a promotion of world peace and the reservations that were expressed before the G20 summits that a group of countries that includes autocracies cannot offer any serious alternative to world problems.CADAL celebró su 19 aniversario

Raquel Gamus, Elisa Trotta (back) and Rigoberto Lobo, Venezuelan human rights activist.


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