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Declaration of the Legislature of Buenos Aires on the book The Crime of War

Last June 23, 2022, by means of Declaration 232/2022, the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires approved the project of the Buenos Aires legislator Carolina Estebarena which states: »Declare of Historical Interest and for the Social Communication of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires the book The Crime of War, by Juan Bautista Alberdi, published in 2020 by CADAL Foundation

CADAL's edition of this posthumous work by Juan Bautista Alberdi can be downloaded for free and carries the prologue by Eduardo Ulibarri, former Ambassador of Costa Rica to the UN.

Ulibarri highlights in the prologue that "from his sharp vision and robust intellectual background, Alberdi proposed in The Crime of War a true paradigmatic change in the approach to the prevailing international dynamics. The dimensions of this compact work have both empirical and normative components. His repertoire of proposals included extending criminal justice from the national to the universal level; promoting international trade without barriers as a tool to discourage conflicts; rejecting martial heroism as an example to emulate; and promoting the development of "world opinion" as the synthesis of a universal conscience. His great aspiration or goal to be achieved: an organization of nations capable of overcoming the interests of particular states and of curbing the use of violence among them."

The Crime of War, Ulibarri points out, "was published as part of Alberdi's Posthumous Writings, which compiles works dated between 1895 and 1901. However, he began to write it in 1870, to participate in a competition held in Europe after the Franco-Prussian war. And it is evident that he was not only influenced by it, but also by that of the Triple Alliance, which he exposes and criticizes in his text. His title is narrower than those used by Saint Pierre, Rousseau and Kant; however, his argumentative repertoire exceeds the contributions of the latter".


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