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CADAL recognized for achievements in foreign policy and human rights

The research project DECyT (Impact of International Law on Human Rights in Foreign Policy) by the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) College of Law recently recognized CADAL’s achievements, given CADAL’s historic, unified, and valiant defense of human rights in foreign policy.

DECyT, headed by 15 young College of Law researchers, awards prizes for the promotion of a more respectful foreign policy towards human rights and the development of better practices to maintain and improve the international system for the protection of human rights. At a closing event on Monday, October 24, they took the opportunity to share their conclusions by recognizing three civil society actors who are extremely committed to these issues.Reconocimiento a CADAL en política exterior y derechos humanos

Given its historic, unified, and valiant defense of Human Rights in foreign policy, CADAL was among those chosen by the researchers to receive this honor. Also recognized were the journalist Carolina Amoroso and the organization Human Rights Watch.

Reconocimiento a CADAL en política exterior y derechos humanos

CADAL President Sybil Rhodes was delegated to receive the honor on the organization's behalf.


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