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Meeting with members of the International Parliamentarians’ Coalition for North Korean Refugees and Human Rights (IPCNKR)

Members of CADAL met with three deputies of the National Assembly of Korea who are part of the IPCNKR.

On May 2, members of CADAL met with three deputies of the National Assembly of Korea representing the International Parliamentarians' Coalition for North Korean Refugees and Human Rights (IPCNKR). Representatives Ha Tae-Keung, Hwang Bo Seung-Hee and Yang Jung-Suk participated in the meeting on behalf of ICNKR and on behalf of CADAL its President, Sybil Rhodes; the Treasurer, Bernabé García Hamilton; Associate Researcher and expert on North Korea, Agustín Menéndez; the Communication Coordinator, Lisette Kugler; and advisory councilor Brian Schapira.

Encuentro con miembros del International Parliamentarians´ Coalition for North Korean Refugees and Human Rights (IPCNKR)

During the meeting, members of the Korean National Assembly expressed that they are deeply concerned about the situation in North Korea and the refugee issue. IPCNKR supports the Assembly's work in promoting bills such as the North Korean Human Rights Act and the North Korean Human Rights Resolution. Additionally, IPCNKR members call for establishing the Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights in North Korea, under the North Korean Human Rights Law (2016). The IPCNKR protects human rights and freedom, as the most important values of humanity, and strives to contribute to peaceful coexistence in Asia and the world. IPCNKR will make constant efforts to monitor and improve human rights in Asia, including North Korea.

Corea del Norte bajo la lupa

For its part, CADAL reported on the work it has been carrying out in terms of dissemination and awareness of the situation of Human Rights violations in North Korea, and its membership in the Coalition against Crimes against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK). An overview of the regional context in Human Rights was given, the work from the “North Korea under the microscope” project and the recent concretion of the event at the Alvear Icon hotel together with the embassies of the United States, South Korea and Japan were explained. In addition, the events in which CADAL members participated related to the topic in all these years were listed, such as the reception of Vice President Gabriela Michetti to a North Korean, various seminars and conferences given in Argentina, Mexico and South Korea, among others. In addition, CADAL members announced the international internship opportunities that the organization offers to foreign students and its reach in social networks and traditional and digital media outlets at the regional scope. Likewise, the network of academics, experts, politicians and related organizations that work alongside CADAL and that are vital for the dissemination of the information provided by CADAL was also announced.


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