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Democracy in Latin America

At a meeting in the Congress of the Republic of Peru, CADAL Chairman Gabriel C. Salvia presented an analysis of democracy in the region.

The meeting was held in the Peruvian Congress’s Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre building. Miguel Fierro (Colombia) and Rut Huaman Coronal (Peru) also participated.

Democracia en América Latina

During his presentation, Salvia expressed that Latin America can be considered partially free in regards to democratic freedoms. Salvia further expressed that the cases of Cuba and Venezuela present limitations to the democratic clauses stipulated in the region’s multilateral organizations. Finally, Salvia described the need to push for a democratic Latin American alliance.

Democracia en América Latina

Nadia Ramos Serrano, President of the Board of Directors for the international relations think tank CEPI, opened the event.


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