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June 3, 2020

China pursuing its interests amid the Covid-19 pandemic

CADAL and Forum 2000 carried out a webinar on the role of China in the framework of the health and economic crisis. The exchange was made through Zoom and counted with the presentations of specialists from CADAL, Civic IDEA and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. People from Latin America and Europe participated as listeners and there was a live broadcast via social networks.
China pursuing its interests amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Forum 2000 and CADAL organized the webinar "China pursuing its interests amid the Covid-19 pandemic". The meeting, held on June 3, included the expositions of specialists of CADAL, Civic IDEA and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.

The interventions were in charge of the Spaniard Juan Pablo Cardenal -member of CADAL's Advisory Council (Argentina)-, Tinatin Khidasheli -Chairperson of Civic IDEA (Georgia)- and Ketty W. Chen -Vicepresident of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (Taiwan)-. The meeting was presented and moderated by the journalist Kateřina Procházková, from Sinopsis (Czech Republic).

The meeting revolved around the question: How will the pandemic generated by Covid-19 affect China's ability to maintain the global influence it has built up in recent years?

Other issues discussed included China’s behaviour in the face of international criticism for the alleged initial cover-up of the outbreak and its propaganda offensive to show itself as a responsible, reliable and generous player. There was also a discussion about the type of strategies that countries with strong connections to China can develop and about the possibility of re-examining their ties, with a view to reducing their productive and commercial dependence. Finally, the participants explored how the democratic system has failed in its ability to respond and react to this crisis.

The meeting was held through Zoom, with an audience from different parts of Latin America and Europe.  CADAL broadcasted it live through its social networks.

After the experts' speeches, a second instance of the webinar gave rise to questions from the public, through the chat offered by this platform. Comments were made by participants from Argentina, Peru and the European Union, among others.