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Deciphering 21st century China

With the support of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), CADAL organized in Mexico City a workshop for journalists on the opportunities and challenges that China represents for Latin America.

During the workshop the following topics were addressed: China's internationalization and its presence in Latin America; The keys to the Chinese economy and Chinese state capitalism; Xi Jinping's ideological hostility against democratic values: propaganda, soft power and influence operations; The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the political system of the People's Republic; Taiwan: the delicate geopolitical balance in the Pacific; and Chinese open source research tools for non-Chinese speaking journalists and researchers.

Descifrando la China del siglo XXI

The workshop had as speakers Spanish journalist and writer Juan Pablo Cardenal, editor of CADAL's project "Análisis Sínico"; Czech analyst Filip Jirous; Argentine political scientist Gabriela Ippólito-O'Donnell; and a journalist and an analyst who participated virtually.


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