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Screening of «Milada» at the San Martín Cultural Center

On the 74th anniversary of Milada Horáková’s execution, the Embassy of the Czech Republic and CADAL organized the screening of the film »Milada», directed by David Mrnka, with the support of the Undersecretary of Citizen Culture and Human Rights of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the San Martín Cultural Center.

Milada Horáková was a Czech human rights activist, social democratic parliamentarian and feminist activist. As a defender of democracy, she was imprisoned by the Nazis and once the Second World War had ended and the communists had come to power in what was then Czechoslovakia, she was executed for her opposition to totalitarianism.

Among the attendees, Angelina Chiappe Barbará, PhD and former Head of the UBA Scientific Research Department, said: "Milada is a piece about the life and death of a brave woman, who consistently stood up for her moral principles. Despite the fact that the story takes place during World War II and the years immediately after, today it is astonishingly topical, bearing witness to the cruelty of the Russian regime which, unlike the Nazi state, never expressed any signs of repentance for the atrocities it committed".

Cómo “Milada” me hizo pensar en Cuba

Another of the attendees, lawyer Eduardo Rogelio Galisteo, Lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires Law School, pointed out that "Milada Horáková's life and works, discovered through the work of CADAL and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Buenos Aires, are an invaluable contribution in these times in which the democracies of the world and human rights are in crisis. On the one hand, the film brings us the memory of an extraordinary woman who fought actively and with absolute dedication for a modern idea of a republic and for women's rights. For this she suffered imprisonment and internment in concentration camps during the Nazi occupation of World War II and finally imprisonment, torture and her death sentence by the communist regime. On the other hand, her life and work leaves us an extraordinary legacy. A great reminder that the struggle for freedom and democracy requires constant work. Something that we as citizens often take for granted. But it only takes a minute in time for totalitarianism to take over the government and snatch away any idea of freedom and republic. Our congratulations to all those who work every day to keep Milada's memory alive."


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