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July 30, 2015

Keys to the electoral scenario in Argentina

In another Catalinas Forum meeting, Carlos Fara, the political consultant has presented trends in Argentine public opinion ten days before primary elections. Among the assistants were the Austrian and Swiss Ambassadors and diplomats from Germany, Canada, Denmark, the European Union, Mexico, Norway, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

With the participation of the analyst Carlos Fara as a guest speaker, another Catalinas Forum took place at CADAL's office. On this occasion, in the framework of trends in Argentine public opinion, Fara has exposed the "2015 Perspectives: the keys to the electoral scenario".

Las claves del escenario electoral en la Argentina

 During his presentation, Fara has delivered some keys to understand the political scenario, questions about electoral situation and the hypothesis of votes.

Las claves del escenario electoral en la Argentina

Carlos Fara is a Public Opinion, Election Campaigns, Communication Strategies and Governmental Marketing specialist. He has been awarded the 2010 Aristotle Excellence Award,  in recognition to the work provided in elections in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, integrating the Dream Team of the Year which is composed by 10 best consultants in the world in terms of  political campains. He also won the Gold EIKON Award for the best government communication campaign (2010) for the Mar del Plata (Argentina) case. He is the co-author of the Marketing and Political Communication Textbook "Actions for a Good Communication", edited by Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Argentina. He has been president of the Latin American Association of Political Consultants and is a partner of the International Association of Political Consultants and  Director of CADAL's Advisory Council.

Translated by Stéphanie Scherrer