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Swedish ex diplomat receives award in Prague
18 de octubre de 2016
In the framework of the 20° edition of the Forum 2000, Micael Lagergren received from the hands of Cuban democratic activists in the Zofin palace in Prague, the award to committed diplomacy in Cuba 2015. Lagergren worked as the third secretary of the Sweden embassy in Cuba form May 2010 to April 2015.


Micael Lagergren was elected winner of the 2015 Award to Committed Diplomacy in Cuba after receiving 119 votes out of 169 from democratic leaders from Cuba. The Swedish diplomat was nominated unanimously by Damas de Blanco and proposed by 11 other organizations from the independent civic movement in Cuba.


Un ex diplomático sueco recibe Premio en PragaThe award-giving, carried out in the Lord Mayor's Hall of the Zofin Palace, in Prague, thanks to the support of Forum 2000, the head of CADAL, Gabriel Salvia, gave welcoming words by presenting the history of the award and a detail of the results from last polling.

Un ex diplomático sueco recibe Premio en PragaNext, Salvia invited two notable figures from the civic independent Cuban movement that were present in the Forum 2000, Jorge Olivera and Leonardo Moises, to give some words about the importance of committed diplomacy with human rights in Cuba and to refer to the labor of Lagergren.

Un ex diplomático sueco recibe Premio en PragaFinally, the Swedish expressed gratitude towards the Cuban democrats for recognizing his labor and offered details of the humanitarian task that he fulfilled in the island.

Un ex diplomático sueco recibe Premio en PragaIn total, there were 7 foreign diplomats that accomplish functions in Cuba until the year 2015: 2 from Sweden, 1 from Spain, 1 from Netherlands, 1 from Norway and 2 from the United States. Besides of Langergren, there was another diplomat nominated from one European country, that got 80 votes, but his chancery didn’t authorize him to receive the prize.

Un ex diplomático sueco recibe Premio en PragaThe Prize-giving event that is organize by the Program Puente Democratico of CADAL was realized for a second consecutive year in the framework of the Forum 200, created by Václav Havel 20 years ago. Is one of the most important international events regarding human rights and democracy.

Un ex diplomático sueco recibe Premio en PragaPhotos: courtesy of Rafael Rincon