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Cuba: Political Scenarios and Media Impact
20 de diciembre de 2016
In the context of the second anniversary of the normalization of the relations between the United States and Cuba, CADAL organized a lecture with Armando Chaguaceda, Inés Pousadela, Alicia Lissidini and Fernando J. Ruiz.

The lecture took place in the headquarters of CADAL and concluded with a Q&A session (included an opportunity for all the participants to ask questions at the end).

Armando Chaguaceda

Armando Chaguaceda is a Professor and Researcher at the department of Public Administration and Development, division of Social Science and Humanity, University of Guanajuato. He graduated in Education (2000) and History (2006), made a master in Political Science (2004) and achieved a doctor's degree in History and Regional Studies (2012). Chaguaceda taught History and Political Theory at the University of Havana (2003-2008), Sociological Theory and Comparative Politics at the University of Veracruz (2011-2013) and Public Policy at the College of Veracruz (2014). His area of expertise includes the relations between the social society, progressive governments and democracy in Latin America with an emphasis on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. He wrote and co-wrote several books, is the author of numerous scientific articles published in the United States, Europe and Latin America and regularly visited these regions to participate in lectures and investigations.

Inés M. Pousadela

Inés M. Pousadela is an official of CIVICUS where she works in the Politics and Research division. She is a researcher for the Independent Reporting Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership in Argentina, an associate researcher for the Institute of Communication and Development (ICD) in Montevideo and a Professor at the ORT University in Uruguay. She has a PhD in Political Science (UB, Argentina), a Masters in Sociological Economy (IDEAS-UNSAM), a degree in Political Science (UBA, Argentina) as well as two diplomas in Photography from the Montgomery College (MD, USA). Pousadela has published several books and scientific articles about political representation, social mobilization as well as participation and accountability. Besides, she wrote plenty of textbooks for the civil society of Latin America.

Alicia Lissidini

Alicia Lissidini has a professorship at the School of Politics and Governance at the National University of San Martin and gives lectures for graduate and postgraduate students in Latin-American politics, democratic participation and direct democracy as well as methodology of investigation, among others. She has a PhD in Political Science, a Master's degree in Political Science from the FLASCO in Mexico and a degree in Sociology from the University of the Republic in Uruguay. Lissidini, whose field of expertise encompasses Uruguay and Venezuela, has published a numerous amount of books, essays and articles on direct democracy, civic participation and political parties in Latin America.

Fernando J. Ruiz

Fernando J. Ruiz is a professor and full-time researcher of Journalism and democracy and History of Communication at the Communication Faculty of Universidad Austral (Argentina). He has a PhD in Public Communication from the University of Navarra and a degree in Political Science from the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). He is the author of the book "Las palabras son acciones: historia política y profesional del diario La Opinión de Jacobo Timerman, 1971-77", "Otra grieta en la pared: informe y testimonios de la nueva prensa cubana", "El señor de los mercados. Ambito Financiero, la City y el poder del periodismo económico" and "Guerras mediáticas: grandes batallas periodísticas desde la Revolución de Mayo hasta la actualidad". Ruiz is a member of the Argentinean Forum for Journalism (Fopea) and works as a consultant for the Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de América Latina (CADAL).

Cuba: escenarios políticos y repercusiones mediáticas