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Freedom of Expression and Ideological Diversity in Cuba
22 de junio de 2016
Prior to their concerts at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and at the Festival Antitodo, the members of the emblematic Cuban band Porno Para Ricardo gave a presentation at the headquarters of CADAL.

The band was founded in 1998 and is considered one of the major voices of dissent within the youth culture in Cuba. The bandleader, Gorki Águila, was detained between 2003 and 2005 as part of the government's strategy to silence their work. He was released from prison due to international pressure and locked up again on August 25, 2008 as a preemptive measure to prevent a criminal offense. A few days later, in the midst of an international media campaign demanding his release, he was set free after paying a fine of 25 US dollars.

Apart from that, Gorki Águila is featured in the movie "Habana Blues" which deals with the upcoming independent and underground music scene in Cuba.

Libertad de expresión y diversionismo ideológico en Cuba

Three of the four members of the band were present at CADAL's headquarters: the bandleader, vocalist and guitarist Gorki Águila, guitarist Ciro Díaz and the bassist Lía Villares. Renay Kairus, the drummer, arrived in Buenos Aires that night.

Libertad de expresión y diversionismo ideológico en Cuba

Lía Villares, Gorki Águila, Ciro Díaz and the Chairman of CADAL, Gabriel Salvia.

Gorki Aguila

Gorki Águila, Havana, 1969.

Lía Villares

Lía Villares, Havana, 1984.

Ciro Díaz

Ciro Díaz, Santiago de Cuba, 1978.